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24'' Baby Brach Dinosaur - Air Walker Balloon Buddies (helium - filled)

Manufacturer: Hokey Pokey Shop
SKU: F25008
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Baby Brach Dinosaur Air Walker Balloon Buddies (1pc)

With its long neck and cute face this large Brachiosaurus walking balloon might just be the right gift to put a big smile on someone's face.

This unusual "walking" dinosaur balloon will provide children and adults alike with hours of fun. Yes, you heard it right: it's a balloon, it looks like a dinosaur and it walks. Simply walk him around the house or take him out for a good giggle!

Size: 23in x 24in (58cm x 61cm)

Helium inflated. The balloons do not float to the ceiling but rather “hover” beside you due to the weights in their feet.

Depending on the weather, they may or may not be OK if used outdoors. We are unable to offer product guarantees if the balloons are used outdoors.

Free Pick up in store or delivery available for an additional fee based on your postal code (delivery prices at checkout).

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