Mini Mischievous Monkey - Balloon Centerpiece

Manufacturer: Hokey Pokey Shop
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Mini Mischievous Monkey - Balloon Centerpiece

Decorate your animal themed party with this adorable monkey balloon centerpiece. This balloon arrangements will make a fantastic addition to your birthday party, company picnic, festival or any other special event. Put it on your desert or refreshment table. Also can be placed on the floor as it's a great balloon decoration for photos.

Approximate Size: 24in (58 cm).

These balloons come air inflated and weighted for the better stability. These balloons will last for a minimum of 3-5 days if used indoors and handle with care.

Depending on the weather, they may or may not be OK if used outdoors. We are unable to offer product guarantees if the balloons are used outdoor.

Please note that foil balloons are sensitive to extreme temperature changes. In cold air, they may appear deflated; warm air should expand them again. Extreme heat could cause the helium to expand and burst the balloon.

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